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The Impact of Accutane
Properties of Accutane
Accutane is a vitamin A derivative that is prescribed for oral use with food that is rich in fat. It is also known as Roaccutane or Isotretinoin and is prescribed for between three and five months. However, it can be prescribed for periods of six months and beyond. It is not used in combination with other drugs.
The Effectiveness of Accutane
Accutane is known to work against all ways in which acne develops. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties and slows the production of skin cells in the pore thus reducing clogging in the pores. As Accutane reduces oil production, it results in the reduction of Acne bacteria that live in skin oil. The skin's oil glands are significantly reduced including the amount of oil that they produce. The patient's condition can deteriorate within the first month of use of Accutane but the final results are stunning. Almost all users are cleared of acne and experience long-term remission of acne.
Side Effects of Accutane
There has been some controversy over the use of Accutane as this medication can cause adverse birth defects including long-term side effects to the user. Among other common side effects are dry lips in a majority of patients. Over half of the users experience dry skin or Xerosis. Nose bleeding does occur in one third of the cases. This is known as Epistaxis. Some Accutane users develop skin rash including eczema in different parts of the body. Hair loss has occurred in a small percentage of people in the short term as well. Other side effects include inflammation of the lips or Cheilitis. Hives does occur as well. It is also known as Uticaria and is characterized by allergic reaction to Accutane. There are patients that experience Alopecia or loss of hair form the scalp including other parts of the body sometimes. However, such cases are rare. Women may also experience hair overgrowth whereas some patients will have to cope with a dry mouth. There are incidents of increased sunburn susceptibility and oozing bleeding skin bumps that arise in addition to bleeding and inflammation of the gums. So far, there has been no better alternative to Accutane as a last resort to curing acne. Despite the risks associated with its use, if managed properly, the results are usually dramatic and long lasting. This I why it has been the most sought after treatment in curing acne for the last 25 years.
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